Campbell River Wine Festival

It was a fabulous event at the Midnight Masquerade Wine Festival.  This was the 8th annual wine festival put on by the North Island College Tourism and Hospitality programs.  Since this was our first festival ever we really didn’t know what to expect.  It was an awesome time, amazing food, the people who attended were genuinely interested in wine and there was a great variety of wines to taste.  Unfortunately we didn’t really get out to sample other people’s wares but we did have the fortune to sample Chase and Warren’s (they are from Port Alberni) Gewurtztraminer and unoaked Cabernet Sauvignon.  Both were excellent and it’s nice to see some great wines coming from island winemakers.  Thanks to Jonelle for inviting us and congratulations to all the faculty and students for a job well done.  We will definitely be in next year’s festival.  Silly me forgot our camera so there are no pictures.

A special shout-out to Shane who promoted our Black Crow to all and sundry.  I believe his exact words were ” This is the best red wine here.”  I think he was a bit drunk but the sentiment is appreciated.

On a completely different note, Miwa is now crawling.  It’s more the “Saving Private Ryan” maneuver but she is definitely getting where she wants to go.  The baby proofing of the house now has to start in earnest!


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