Day 19 (February 23rd)

The weather today turned out much better than forecast and we even saw a bit of sun every now and then.

We decided to take the train to Padua, rather than attempt to find parking in an unfamiliar city.  However, our clever plan was partially foiled by two unfortunate happenings.  First, our route to the station was blocked by a head-on collision (I am still surprised that’s the only one we’ve seen), so we had to take a detour that doubled our travel time.  We still might have made our train, if the second unfortunate event hadn’t occurred as well.  We encountered full parking lots everywhere we went, and I ended up driving around town for 20 minutes.  Eventually we made it to the station.

We still had some time to kill, so I offered to show Jill and Mitzi the giant dead grasshopper I had spotted stuck in the fence a little way up the tracks.  They both declined, so I took a picture.

Padua (or Padova) has more modern buildings than other towns we have visited so far, and I am kind of tired of taking pictures of historically significant old buildings, so I took as many pictures as I could of Jill consulting her map, and Mitzi taking pictures.  I gave myself extra-bonus points if I could get both in the same shot. I think I annoyed them more than accomplishing anything really.

We ran into a group of Miwa admirers from Spain that we had previously run into in the Palazzo Ducale in Venice.  They took more pictures, and this time, so did I.

Also, if “The Trip to Italy”, has a subtitle, it might be, “Mitzi’s Tour of Italian Washrooms.”  We always seem to be in a rush towards the next WC.  It was a particularly long trek from where we had lunch, to the Basilica of San Antonio, so Mitzi was particularly relieved to find clean washrooms where the toilets have seats.  I think a person could sell a travel guide with maps to public washrooms, perhaps accompanied by a review of cleanliness and cost.  This washroom was clean, and only asked for a 0.20 Euro donation.  Mitzi decided not to contribute, so she enjoyed this bathroom for free!

The Basilica was actually one of the best we have seen.  It wasn’t the biggest, and didn’t have any particular sight-worthy art, but the art was good and the way everything fit together was just nice.  Cameras were not allowed, so no pictures.

All around town we had seen poster for “Caravaggio, Lotto, Ribera“.  It certainly gave the impression of a must-see exhibit, so we figured we should go see this fabulous display.  Turned out there was one Caravaggio, three paintings by Lotto and four by Ribera.  Oh well, at least the security staff were friendly and we were able to find an out of the way gallery for Miwa to feed in.  There were indeed many other worthy sculptures and paintings, I just think they over-played the Caravaggio angle.  The Painting is the one seen on the poster, so they kind of gave it away, don’t you think?

Tomorrow will be a long drive to Rome!  Yayyy!



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