Day 18 (February 22nd)

Today we visited the Dalle Fratte family for lunch.  They lived in Woss at the same time as the Ogasawara family, so Mitzi and Else had a grand time catching up while Eddy regaled us with tales of escaping the Italian draft and the rough and tumble life of a logger in Woss in the early 70’s.

The GPS said we should expect an hour and a half drive, so we left 2 and a half hours early.  We arrived at around noon, and had a tour of the house.  Lunch was served around 1:30 and consisted of a pasta first course, a veggie, meat and salad second course, a desert offering, and coffee to finish up.  We had Eddy’s homemade wine, which was pretty good; especially considering it was 2009 wine!  There was a merlot and also a still prosecco.  The whole thing was very leisurely, and we finally made our good-byes and pulled out of the driveway at 5 pm.

Unfortunately, I missed a very tricky turn and the next opportunity to turn right was closed for construction, so we ended up going 4 km past the missed turn, and approaching our agritourismo from the opposite direction.

Jill and I are trying to figure out where to go tomorrow and she suggested Palazzo Labia.  We both giggled, and Mitzi said, “Is that some kind of porno?”  FYI Palazzo Labia actually exists and is not just a euphemism.

The forecast for tomorrow looks crappy, so we are just going to stay close and head into Padua.

Also, I had no idea the sodden leather jacket would be such a sought after item!  I will continue to scour the countryside for abandoned articles of clothing to bring back for all our fans.



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