Day 17 (February 21st)

We decided to return to Venice right away to take advantage of a rare sunny day, and we were not disappointed.  Today we headed straight to Piazza San Marco, had a look around, then headed into the Palazza Ducale museum to warm up.

We got suckered into buying the multi-museum pass, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but after wandering through the Palazza for 2-and-a-half hours, I was museum-ed out!  Mitzi, however, remained determined to get her money’s worth, so we all made full use of the facilities.

After the Ducal Palace, Jill and I headed out in search of a place to have lunch while Mitzi visited the Basilica di San Marco.  We found a place quickly and returned to the Piazza to bask in the sunshine.  Lunch was okay, they stuck us in the back in a dining area between the bakery, kitchen and cash girl’s desk.  We figure it was because of Miwa, but it was okay, we got to watch the cash girl yell at the waiters a lot!  Mitzi ordered a pizza, and it turned out to be an entire pizza, so she only ate half, and even that was a struggle.  So she packed it up in napkins in her purse and randomly offered it to Jill or I for the rest of the day.  I was really tired during lunch, but Miwa really enjoyed her water bottle.

We managed to fit in one more museum, and thus actually saved money by having the multi-passes.  It was the Ca’Rezzonico, which has one of the most fabulous entrances along the canal.  The art was neat too, but Miwa got bored on the third floor and we had to skedaddle.  Every single one of the security guards actually enjoyed hearing her shriek with delight, and would promptly dash over to try to elicit more, but we felt a little embarrassed and just wanted to get out.

We worked our way through the back streets for a while before heading back to the station.  We encounter many churches, palaces and canals filled with gondoliers plying their trade.

Tonight’s wine is the “Rosso”, literally red wine.  Far and away the best wine I’ve had here so far, even Mitzi had seconds.  I may buy a few bottles to take home!



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