Day 16 (February 20th)

Today Venice!  We left extra early to make sure we could find parking, and actually ended up being at the station 50 minutes ahead of schedule (we could have caught the 9:15 instead of the 10:15 if we had hustled just a little, oh well).  The train was a pleasant 45 minutes and it stopped right at the Grand Canal, way better than driving, in my humble opinion.  Mitzi agrees, saying, “Driving all around in Italy is horrifying.”  I guess I’m not as good as I thought.

We immediately sought out the WC and were shocked to pay 0.80 Euros, the most so far, but if you gotta go…

We hopped on a vaporetto and took it along the Grand Canal to the Ponte Rialto, so many wonderful views.  Venice is certainly an interesting city.  We were all very excited!

I also took a video:

We got off at the Ponte Rialto, and headed back towards the train station, intending to take our time and try to get lost in the maze of tiny alleyways and canals.  Mitzi was lost the second we got off the vaporetto.

We made a brief stop at the fish market to pick up some squid ink for Sarah and then headed deeper in to the maze.

We stopped for lunch, and probably paid way too much, but we were hungry, tired and cold.  The food was excellent, and Mitzi had her first tiramisu.  She also had a bit much wine (almost an entire glass!) and treated us to lunch.

After lunch, we wandered for a while before we again felt the call of nature and were forced to pull out the map to locate ourselves, a public washroom, and a route to connect the two.  Our route again provided many sights.  My favorite was watching a delivery boat maneuver under a low bridge on a sharp corner.  I wish I’d taken video, but these pictures will have to do.

The washrooms proved to shatter the price record set earlier that day by almost double (1.50 Euros!)  I made sure to stuff my pockets with tissue paper on my way out.  That brought our individual bathroom bills for the day to 2.30 Euros.  As point of reference, a one-way fare for the 45-minute train trip was 3.40 Euros each.

As usual, many admired Miwa.  Were stopped by a group of American women who said she looked like a Gerber baby, a Chinese couple who mistook Jill and Mitzi’s ethnicity but had enough English to say, “cute baby.” and an Italian businessman who politely asked before he took her picture.

The return trip by train was relaxing, and the drive was pretty good because we didn’t need the GPS anymore.  Dinner was rice, bean and vegetable soup.  Our wine this evening was the “Fior d’Arancio”, a very sweet, aromatic bubbly that is typical of this region.  While the nose and palate were excellent and interesting, I had trouble getting past the sweetness.  Mitzi, however, thought it was the best wine we’d had yet, I’ll make a wino out of her eventually.



One thought on “Day 16 (February 20th)

  1. Ciao to you all. I have been reading your blog too; mom’s do that sort of thing. Your Venice video and photos bring back fond memories of our time there. Sarah and Derek actually lived on their sailboat in the Venice yacht harbour.
    It’s another gorgeous sunny day on Quadra, with lots of early morning frost – way too early in the season for gardening.
    Cheers from Mia

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