Day 14 (February 18th)

Today was intended to be a day to decompress after Florence and before tomorrow’s long trek to Padua.  So we had a leisurely walk to the café.  Unfortunately, just before we got to the café, I slipped off of the sidewalk with one foot.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but by the time we got back up to the apartment, I was limping badly.  I decided to go for a short walk to see if my ankle would work itself out, so I went to see if the local winery was open today.  I saw that it was and carried on up the hill for a ways to check out the view.  It wasn’t that high, but I could see the apartment, and there was a leather jacket draped over a fence at the top.  I thought about taking it, but decided not to and limped back to the apartment.

Sitting around the apartment, my ankle seized up even worse, but I forced myself to go out once again so that Jill and I could actually visit at least one winery.  I gimped my way across the square, and up a short hill to the winery.  We had a great visit with the winemaker, we all bonded over cleaning tanks and a great Ikea stool that Jill noticed they had as well.  We use that stool constantly in the winery.  It was a small (40,000L) operation, and they only make one wine, Chianti Classico.  We bought half a case of the 2007 and would have bought the 2008 as well, but the labels hadn’t arrived yet.  Their website is

I gimped back to the apartment with the half case and then lay down and felt sorry for myself.  Jill and Mitzi were going to go out for a walk, but they realized it was now 1pm, and all the shops in town would be closed until 4.  They take pranza seriously in Greve.

Around 3:45, I got up to test my ankle, and it felt fine!  So off we went for a tour of Greve.  Jill and I pointed out the apartment to Mitzi from four separate vantage points around Greve.  She never once spotted the apartment, or believed we were telling the truth.  One of the vantage points we hiked to was the one I had visited earlier in the day, and the leather jacket was still there, so I grabbed it and put it in our back pack,  I figured whoever lost it had had all day to get it, and hadn’t, so it was fair game.  It was also wet, so may have been there even longer.  Hopefully it wasn’t dropped off because of nefarious circumstances.  It seems to be free of blood and narcotics.

Tomorrow the agriturismo!



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