Day 12 (February 16th)

Miwa finally seems to be over her jet lag and is back to her usual midnight to 5 sleep with a follow up 2-hour nap.  Yayyy.  Actually that amounts to more sleep than we’ve been getting up to now.

We had a very long start to the day.  We were all worn out from the Siena fiasco, so no one wanted to make the first move towards the door.  As a result, we ended up having lunch before we left.

The plan for the day called for a leisurely drive along back roads to the medieval town of San Gimignano.  The route looked good and we had everything programmed in the GPS, so I have no idea how things went so horribly wrong.  Between bum directions (according to us) from the GPS and construction in exactly the wrong spot (necessitating a half hour detour) our 1-hour drive turned into a 2 and a half hour epic.  Mitzi was convinced we were only doing circles and asked, “Have we been here before?” every 5 minutes or so, just in case we hadn’t noticed that she thought we were lost.

Eventually we got there and the town was indeed quite nice (yes, another picturesque medieval town on a hill top, but really, they are all nice and unique) The town is know for it’s towers, which, though not particularly decorative, are numerous and quite tall, hard to believe they were built so long ago.  I liked the wells in the middle of the squares; it seemed to be something that just fit there.  Makes sense to have water available for all.  It’s the first time I’d seen them in any of the towns we visited.  The medieval atmosphere was palpable.

The drive back was a little better, the GPS led us astray only once.  Seriously.  I know you all think we must have misunderstood what the GPS was saying, but I was sitting at the end of a dead end road looking at railroad tracks though a chain link fence with the GPS telling me to carry on straight ahead.  Even with that little detour, we got back to Greve in about an hour.

Tomorrow, Florence!  I’m hoping the parking goes better.



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