Day 6 (February 10th)

This morning Jill and I went out to a café that offered free Internet while you eat.  I must admit the trip was partly necessitated by the fact that I put the coffee maker on the stove empty, and kind of toasted it.  Okay, really toasted it.  I’m hoping to find parts to fix it before we go.

Wedding day!  I put on my best clothes for this!  I actually packed a nice shirt and a tie just for this event.  And what an event it was!  The church was huge and impressive and the wedding party, including bride and groom, totaled 10 adults and one infant.  Some people did wander in halfway through the ceremony, but the usher quickly shooed them out, so I won’t count them.

The bride was beautiful, of course, and the groom looked nervous.  The ceremony was conducted in English (it was an Anglican church) so while Jill, Mitzi, and I understood well, I’m not to sure the bride and groom (and their families, all from Japan) took in everything.  All went well until it came time for the kiss.  I can honestly say, I don’t think those two had kissed yet.  First there was an awkward pause, then, just in case there had been a language issue, Jill yelled at them, “Chu, shinasaiyo!” (“You should kiss!” in Japanese).  They still looked awkward and during the initial approach, Masumi’s headpiece hit Nobuyoshi in the face.  This resulted in more blushing, giggling and awkwardness.  Finally, after much coaxing and a few more false starts, they managed to bring their lips together for a brief touch.

Then there was signing of papers and the walk to the back of the church (recessional?) to the waiting bottle of spumante.  At this point we found out Nobuyoshi had never opened a bottle of bubbly before.  He was very nervous about it and I took him a good five minutes to slowly ease the cork out far enough to pop.  I yelled out, “give it a good shake!” but he ignored me.

The weather was crappy, so we popped into a museum on the way back to warm up.  Unfortunately, we picked an open-to-air ruin restoration that was colder than outside.  Seriously.  There was one room that must have been an opening to a cave or something.  The air was frigid and we could see our breath.  We didn’t linger long.

After a quick bite from a nearby Forno (literally Oven, they sell things that you would find in a bakery) we came back to the apartment for a rest before heading back out to Piazza Navona for dinner.

A lesson learned today was that food in a piazza is more expensive and not as tasty as food in the little shops in the alleyways.  We had expected this, but our suspicions were confirmed tonight.  Mitzi was disappointed in her minestrone because she felt it was much like the one she makes at home.  However, the price reflects the fact that there is something nice (usually very nice) to look at while eating.

We ran into a woman we had met on Tuesday night at the opera.  She had come up and said that Miwa looked like her granddaughter.  We all agreed that it was odd to run into the same person twice in Rome, so I gave our business card, and she showed us a picture of her granddaughter, who did indeed bear a striking resemblance to Miwa.  It turns out that she will be at the Colosseum tomorrow as we also plan to be.  Perhaps we will cross paths again.  If not and you read this blog, it was nice to meet you, Josephine.

The Happy Couple:Masumi and Nobuyoshi


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