Day 5 (February 9th)

For reference of the reader, this post was written on the morning of February 10th (not whilst drunk on a bottle of wine….)

Miwa slept well after our late-night return from Masumi’s.  We all stayed in bed until after 9 and actually had to wake Miwa up.

We decided to take it easy today, since we were planning to go out for dinner and opera later in the evening, so we stayed in the apartment until 2ish, then went out and did our laundry (thrilling and at the laundry mat with the grumpiest attendant ever), and picked up opera tickets at the Pantheon.

It was a 45 minute walk to Masumi’s hotel to meet for dinner.  The was a long hill towards then end and once at the top I leaned in close to Mitzi, just to check her breathing, and sure enough there was some sort of wheezing noise.  It may have been her laughing though.  I was somewhat concerned for her breathing at that time.

Dinner was excellent at a place called Piccolo Mondo.  Jill felt bad about taking a baby into such a fancy looking place but it was actually pretty reasonable.  We all had pasta dishes and they were great.

The opera was also fun.  It was more of a concert and it took place in the church where Masumi and Nobuyoshi are getting married.  I think they were a little shocked at how “churchy” the place was. I think that they were thinking it was going to be a little church… which it actually is for Rome.  Miwa tried to sing along with the singers but it wasn’t much appreciated by the crowd so Jill lurked in the back of the church while feeding her into submission (ie sleep).


(No exciting pictures today!)


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