Day 3 (February 7th)

Day 3 (February 7, 2010)

Today began earlier, Jill woke up at 4:00, I woke up at 4:30, and Mitzi woke up at 6:00.  However, we all stayed in bed until Miwa woke up at 7:30, so everyone’s back was a bit sore this morning.  It took way too long to get ready, so we didn’t get out of the door until after 10.  The weather today was cool and sunny!  I’m not sure if it was the weather or the day of the week (Sunday) but there were people everywhere, and it seems that half of them had to stop and say, “Bella Bambina!”  While I had thought this was an Italian phenomenon, we walked past a line of Japanese tourists who each said “Kawaii!” (Japanese for cute) when they passed Miwa.

Miwa at Spanish steps

The sights today were, a blessing by the pope in Saint Peter’s Square and the Spanish Steps.  We also went by the Pantheon twice more, and the Trevi fountain again, so Jill could toss her coin in whilst it was sunny.  The revisiting wasn’t an issue for Mitzi, since she has no sense of direction.  As we approached each site she would exclaim, “What’s that building?” no matter how many times we’d seen it before.

Trevi Fountain

Jill preparing to toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain

The Pope addressed the crowd from a window high above Saint Peter’s Square.  I dutifully filmed the whole thing on the little point-and-shoot while Jill snapped away like a Paparazzi with the SLR.  At least I thought I’d filmed the whole thing.  It sound like he had wrapped up (he spoke latin, so I was mostly guessing), the crowd clapped and cheered, so I stopped.  Then he started speaking English!  So I struggled to get the camera going and missed the first half of his English speech.  Jill thinks he opened with, “Welcome all English speaking faithful and pagans.”  Nice to be included I guess, but what about the atheists?

The Pope addressing the Faithful and Pagans

We stopped at a restaurant recommended by the owner of the apartment we are in.  It’s called “Lilli” and turned out to be good food for a reasonable (for Rome) price.  Lunch for 3 including bottled water, a litre of wine, and desert came to 60 Euros, including tip.  Jill however, had to breastfeed Miwa in the bathroom as it wasn’t allowed in the dining room.  Fair enough.

The Spanish Steps were neat, but also really crowded.  We decided to never, ever to go to Rome in the summer, it must be a zoo.  We worked our way through the crowd to the top so we could look back over Rome.  When we got to the top, Mitzi’s breathing caused me some concern, so I let her rest for a bit.

We found a very clean and free public toilet.  Mitzi liked it so much we stopped there twice.  She says she liked the attendant too.

Dinner is salad with banana, croissants, and leftover’s from last night re-heated.  No new adventures in wine.  I am finishing off the chianti from the first night.



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