Day 2 (Feb 6)

The second day started late, no one got out of bed until after noon and we didnÕt get our butts out of the door until after 2. After stopping at the market in Campo di Fiori, we flocked with the rest of the tour crowd, re-visiting the Pantheon, then on to the Trevi Fountain where Mitzi and Ben threw pennies into the fountain, but Jill decided to wait until a sunny day.

On our way again, we paused to allow what may have been a motorcade to pass. There were sirens, flashing lights, and just incase one might think that they didnÕt really care if you pay attention, there was a guy hanging out of the passenger side window waving a small red reflector on a stick and looking frantic. I must admit, it made all of us look.

We stopped at the Galeria Nazionale dÕArte Antica at the Palazzo Barberini to warm up for a while and ended up seeing the famous portrait of Henry VIII, many nude young women (interesting for Ben), quite a few versions of the dead Christ (depressing), and two beautifully depicted beheadings (disturbing). The most popular thing on exhibit, at least according to the security staff, was Miwa. They fussed over her, cooed at her and laughed and clapped when she smiled and laughed at their antics. WeÕve heard ÒBella BambiniÓ a lot so far on this trip. We also used the washrooms, which, we were informed, were up Òmany, many steps.Ó Of course we thought the ticket lady was exaggerating, but she was not. It was many, many stairs. I was concerned at how Mitzi was breathing when she reached the top.

We finally got to Saint PaulÕs Within The Walls Anglican Church where our friend Masumi is getting married on Wednesday at about 5:30, just as it was getting dark, then had a relatively un-eventful walk home.

Dinner was pasta and pesto with salami, accompanied by the cheapest wine I have found yet at 1.39 euros. The dinner was good, the wineÉ well it was probably worth what I paid for it.



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