Post, alas, no post….

I’m not being very good about posting every few days am I.  Anyhow, here I am doing a post on DIAPERS….. This has nothing to do with wine but it does a something to do with the farm and our overall philosophy of living as cleanly as we can.

When Miwa was born we started using disposable diapers as most parents do.  This led to a full garbage bag about every 3 days…. Disgusting.  So as soon as Miwa was big enough to fit into the small gDiapers (about 2 months) we switched over to gDiapers during the day (at home and when we’re out) and disposables at night.  This has resulted in going from about 13-15 diapers thrown out everyday to 2-3 per day.  However, the other side of the coin is that we do laundry everyday now instead of every 2-3 days.

gDiapers for those who don’t know is a new system that has an outer pant and inner plastic liner and they have these compostable/ flushable/throw away liners that you can buy.  We however, got these great cotton flannel liners and fleece doublers (from Sweet Cheeks Diapers from Comox, BC) (just found that out) from a friend who wasn’t using diapers anymore.  I personally don’t like the bulkiness of many cloth diapers which is why the gDiaper appealed.   I just put one liner and one doubler into a gDiaper and away we went!

Super easy and much more economical.  The gDiapers aren’t cheap but they are worth it when you consider how much diapers can be both in cost and in garbage.  Here are some pictures!

Outer pant and inner snap in liner

Fleece doubler and cotton flannel liner

Doubler and liner in plastic gDiaper liner

Ready to go!

Stylish, no?


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