Rain, rain and more rain….

(I started this post a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get around to posting it!)

Well, I would say winter is here.  The annual rain and wind storms have started up.  I am sitting in my living room watching the rain splatter our front windows and the forsythia outside whipping back and forth slowly losing it’s leaves due to the rain.

However, yesterday (Oct.  24, 2009) was a bonus day, brilliant sunshine, dead calm waters.  Perfect day to go to Steep Island Lodge.  Ben and I were part of a great event put together by Michelle and Mark of Cheddar and Co. in Campbell River and Chantal and John of Steep Island Lodge.  Our wines were paired with a 6 course meal which was put together and plated by the above mentioned people.  AMAZING.  Last night the theme was apples.  Michelle had acquired some organically grown apples from Cortes Island and each course featured some apple component.

First course was a pulled crab, shoe case (shoe cream?), apple compote appetizer which was paired with our yet to be released to the public Jimmy K sparking Pinot Gris.  It was beautiful, nice playing off of tetures and flavours of both food and wine.

Second course was a butternut squash soup topped with curry apple butter and served with a rice cracker.  This was paired with our Ortega.  A nice pairing with the acidity of the wine cutting through the creaminess of the soup and the tartness of the curry apple butter playing on the spicy and fruity notes of the ortega.

Third course was an arugula salad with shaved parmesan reggiano, a balsamic vinegar reduction and apple chips.  A great match for the off dry ortega.  The parmesan played the sweetness of the wine off of the spiciness of the arugula and the tartness of both the apples and the balsamic vinegar.

Fourth course was pork tenderloin with an apple, mushroom ( can’t remember what kind) sauce with mashed potatoes and roasted veg.  This was paired with the Turan, and worked  very well. The fact that the wine was served chilled and is a light red meant that it didn’t overpower the flavours of the food.  Likewise the fruitiness of the Turan wasn’t lost through the flavours of the tenderloin and sauce.

Fifth and sixth course were desset.  One course was a blue cheese dish, then the last course was an apple gallette with creme fraiche!  The cheese was especially good with the Sutil.

Anyhow, if you are lucky enough to see an advert for anymore dinners put on by Michelle at Cheddar and Co.  I highly recommend you reserve your spot immediately.  Her website is http://www.cheddarandcompany.com

Check her store out.  It is in downtown Campbell River, close to the community center and the library.  Steep Island’s website is http://www.steepisland.com.

Steep IslandBefore the guests arrived.


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