Successful Neighbourhood Party.

Well, we pulled it off. We had labelled bottles, our point of sales system worked and neighbours and friends all showed up to have a taste of the wines.

Our labels arrived on Friday morning at 10:00, so then we spent a few hours trying to figure out our labeller, then we were finally able to register our product at around 300pm but after all that we found out that it wasn’t necessary for selling out of our own tasting room. Anyhow, we labelled from about 300 pm to about 900 pm and even had Bonnie (Ben’s Gram) helping out. Saturday morning was even more hectic with more labelling, this time recruiting the usual crew (2 mom’s and 2 dad’s) as well as Gram and Ben’s Uncle Don. Ben worked outside on the entrance ramp and was spreading the rest of the gravel for the parking lot when our first guests showed up:)

The weather wasn’t too great but it all worked out in the end. The food was grea, thank you Thrifty’s ( I love the fact you can order party platters from there) and neighbours Victor and Cathy brought these great little oysters called Black Pearls that are eaten raw and have the most amazing flavour.  Definitely went well with our wines, the Bara in particular!  At the end of the day I definitely had cankles from being on my feet all day. The joys of pregnancy. Now, we just have to finish labelling and clean up for the real opening next Friday. Really though, we definitely could not have gotten to this point without all the help from both sets of parents and all the friends who pitched in. We’ll be counting on all of you in the fall during crush too:) haha. I’ll be posting pictures soon.


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