Well, we are opening soon….. This is why I haven’t been posting lately…… So far we’ve got our tasting room ready, the wine is ready but there are no LABELS!!!!!! We’ve haven’t gotten them yet!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!! This is possibly the most stressful thing Ben and I have ever done, including defending my master’s thesis or an organic chem final. Good god, why have we decided to subject ourselves to this. So the list that we are waiting for now are labels, username and password to the LDB site so we can register our product so we can sell them and that’s about it. Everything else seems to have fallen into place but the 2 most important things we are still waiting on.

All the stress is giving me contractions. No fun being 6.5 months pregnant and stressed out. Well maybe a miracle will pull through. This weekend is just the neighbourhood opening so we were hoping to be able to sell but if we can’t it’s not too horrible but July 3 is our official opening date so if we can’t sell by then……. Keep you posted!


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