Good Going Jian.

As an avid listener to CBC radio (we have no TV) I was appalled by this interview.  What a diva Billy Bob Thorton is.  Talk about overblown sense of ego.  Kudos to Jian Ghomeshi for pulling the interview out of the crash landing it looked like it was heading for.

This does make you squirm though….

Here’s a news item on about the entire incident.


2 thoughts on “Good Going Jian.

  1. Great job Jian! Who does he think he is? I’ll tell you. Someone who is going to fail as a musician just like he did as an actor, he’s a pompous ass! Look at his career, sucks at everything he does, marriages, etc….Not my kind of person that’s for sure!

    • Well, as I actually don’t like Jian Ghomeshi that much, I usually turn off Q when it comes on in the morning, I still think that he did a good job. The way that he was treated by someone who obviously has an over blown sense of worth is not the way anyone should be treated especially when they are going to be interviewed on public radio. As a interviewer I think he did excellently, who cares about the rest of his personal life!

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