Well, winter has finally come to Quadra!  After hearing that down Island had gotten snow a few days ago, ( we had none) we finally joined the rest of the Island!!! It has been cold though, below 0 degrees for a week now.  Our water line froze up, reminder to self, make sure you insulate the water line in the summer!  However, after a bit of heating tape and some creative insulation (read: house insulation and saran wrap) we have water again.

Not much is going on in the winery, I had a taste of the blanc de noir the other day and was shocked.  Body and good nose. And it was pretty cold so perhaps we are going to have a great wine come out of our labours this year.  It was a tough year for grapes as I’ve mentioned before. We also have a mock up of our wine label now!  Fun, it’s getting tweaked right now.  As well we got our road sign a few weeks ago but I can’t seem to take a picture that does it justice.  Eventually,  think I need to hire a photographer for some glam shots of the place (not to mention Ben and I).

Another note, congrats to our friends who are expecting a baby, this one is already friendly at 3 months! It’s saying hi.


Well, I will post some pictures hopefully tomorrow if I can find my camera battery recharger!


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