Oh November…

Well, winter has pretty much started here on the Wet Coast.


Rain, wind, more rain, drizzle, misting, fogginess and more wind.  Our power has gone out once so far but of course we were ok, thank you batteries.

This month so far has been finishing up in the winery.  Our agria, also known as Bull’s Blood as we were pressing.  This stuff stains anything it touches.  Both our hands were purple for weeks, the juice that splashed on the winery floor left beautiful marks on the concrete.  Good way to stain your floors I suppose.

We are starting to nest again as the nights are really long now, especially since we have fallen back an hour.  It basically gets dark at about 4:30pm now.  Fun.  So I walked into our bedroom one night and I found this….

tonks-bedNotice the guilty look.  IN the bed!

Then there is Griswold who has taken to spying on the neighbours.  The light he is staring at is Ben’s parents place……

griswold1Snoopy Dog!

There is also the cranky baby of the cousin’s but still pretty cute in her little hat!  She wasn’t too impressed about being dragged outside…….


kite2to watch her dad and crazy Oji Ben fly training kites for kite sailing. The kite is at the top of the picture.

Winter means windy days like this at Goose Spit in Comox.

ramen-quadra AND…. ramen Quadra Style.


There is also the matter of a Happy Birthday to one Naiomi. Happy First. I made her this…….It’s a bird mobile for her room!

Finally, congrats to my sista who ran her first half marathon!  Good on you!  よくがんばったよね!おめでとう!


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