Happy Hallowe’en

Boooooo.  Anyhow, imagine my surprise while I was endlessly wandering the Net for info on food security when a paper by an old classmate showed up.  It was an interesting moment,   I’ve never won any awards for what I’ve done,  and I’m ok with that.  There was moment when I though “hnuh” and I thought I’d be bitter about it, I realised that what we are doing here, though on an extremely small scale, is contributing.  Everything starts out small and eventually like the old Japanese proverb (that is about the only proverb that I have memorised), “Chiri mo tsumoreba, yama to naru”.  Translated, “Bit by bit, each piece of dust will accumulate into a mountain.”

I am going to post pictures tomorrow because a pictureless blog is boring….!

On another note, we officially have a Ravening Hound.  On our way home the other night we saw many deer on the road and were commenting that we  wouldn’t have to go hunting for deer on the Island, we could probably sneak up behind one and get it that way.  Lo, we pulled up to our driveway and saw 2 deer right inside the gate.  We let out our Tonks, our border collie/cocker spaniel cross, not a big dog, to chase them out.  Then leisurely followed in the car.  We stopped and Ben commented how he could see deer eyes but no dog and then we realised….. OUR DOG HAD A DEER DOWN!!!!!!  She was trying to hamstring it…. Well, then we were in a conundrum; no hunting license and oh god, oh god, our dog is going to get kicked in the head.  Anyhow, we called Tonks back and had to chase the deer out with our car.  It was ok, hopefully, it met up with it’s friend….

Tonks the Ravening Hound!


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