Harvest is over.  Yes, it is over.  We have the last bit to press tomorrow but the picking is done for this year.  Those of you who know us know that we are a truly small outfit, enlisting anyone and everyone we can to help with picking, crushing and I’m sure bottling and labeling when the time comes to it.  This year as it is our first year crushing and making wine to sell is really a crazy one.  I spent 5 hours on the internet one night worrying about one of our wines, which now seems to be coming into it’s own. So, for you people out there who want to know, wine tastes like crud at about 6-8 brix.  Maybe it’s just us but that is what we’ve noticed. All said though this is a hard year to start out commercially.  The summer here on the Island has been sunnier but fairly cold.  Things have had a hard time ripening this year but, if we can make a good wine this year it can only get better in coming years!

On a completely different note I’ve been completely obsessed with this blog lately….

It’s a blog by a young woman and her 4 kids, and husband.  I find it completely charming to read.  We don’t have kids, nor are we very religious but this is really nice to read in this world of complicated things.  The sad thing is that her and her husband were in a private plane accident and they both suffered some serious burns.  Her kids are now staying with her sisters and their families but the family as a whole seem to be pulling together to be there for them.

Huzzah!  The harvest is over!


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