Making Wine

Arghhhh.  We are making wine now.  After a few days of trying to figure out what we were doing, we finally have some sort of process now.  Our first full day of wine making (Thursday) was first helping harvest the grapes we are buying until 4 pm-ish then going home to crush, destem, press and test….. needless to say we finished at…..

That is 11 pm at night…..

The next day (Friday) we did it all again but worked until 12 pm, also we picked in the rain.  We took one day (Saturday) off to dry out and to rest.  Also, we phoned a few people to see if they could come out and help pick.  Actually, we phoned one loverly lady, Barb, and she rounded us up a crew of at least 6 people.  We love you Barb!  Sunday, we attacked the Ortega again… with Barb’s crew helping and got most of the grapes off.  All said, we have about 1600 liters of wine on the go now.

Here is a little picture of some of the ortega (to the right) and the siegerrebe (to the left), not looking too hot but tastes not too bad though.

Then, there was this moment when we thought ” Huh, this might be a bit full.”

This is what this tank looks like now.

Then there is this crazy process.  I like to call this “Making wine, Quadra Style”, perhaps it’s “McGuffie Style”.  Note the spud forks for shoveling grapes, nice.

Well, there are props to be given out to my pa, and Ben’s ma and pa for helping pick and crush as well as for the nutritional support as well.  I don’t think we could have done it without you guys! As well, Quint, Ang and Darren for helping with the crush on Sunday.  Any little bit of help is great!  Well, we are off to do it all over again starting tomorrow, who know what time we’ll be working until.


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