Where has September Gone?!

We’ve had a not too bad fall so far.  The grapes look like they are coming along.  We had a few days of rain last week and the powdery mildew is noticeable mostly on the Ortega.  Surprisingly, the Pinot Noir looks alright.. We are getting closer with the PN but we did tent this year and that really helped in their ripening process.  

The vines on the left were not tented and the vines on the right were.  There is a definite difference in growth.  (This was from June)

There are some beautiful fall colours out now, I’ve got zinnias, marigolds, fall mums and sunflowers blooming.  The sunflowers are out of control, 10 feet tall and many heads!

We are getting ready for the main crush in a few weeks.  It may be as soon as this Thursday for the Ortega though.  I have to admit I am now a weather forecast junkie.  We are always checking it out, the 5-day forecast then the long-range forecast.

We did do a small crush of the Siegerrebe from a vineyard up the road.  There was only about 200 litres when all was said and done.  We are now waiting for fermentaion to start….  It’s been pretty cold at night so the ferment is a bit slow to start up.  But good for keeping our fruity flavours in the wine!

I’m sad to say that the above is my messy lab… Still trying to get things figured out.  It would be nice if it looked like……

………..but that’s never going to happen… So messy I’ll stay.


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