So since my last post things have been progressing at a rather headlong pace. We’ve, in chronological order, had 8 chicks, killed a few of our roosters for meat, had a nephew, and gotten licensed… yes, we are now legal to make wine.

OK, so, first of all. We bought some fertilised eggs from a local chicken breeder on the island here and placed them all under our poor broody hen. She tried for several months last year with no luck so we took pity on her and got her some eggs to sit upon. She hatched 8 eggs out of 12 and they all seem to be doing well.

We also now, can morally eat chicken as we can kill and gut our own. I was a bit worried as I had grown quite fond of them but with 6 roosters and only 4 hens one of whom is otherwise occupied, the poor hens were getting run a bit ragged. It was not as horrifying as I though it might be. Anyhow, at least they will be used. One more step to being a bit more self sufficient.

I did not pose them, my mother-in-law did. I have nothing but respect for these little chickens.

Congratulations to our brother, Ben’s brother, and our sister-in-law who just had a baby boy on August 16. So happy birthday and welcome to the world Rowan James! I’ll post a picture later….

Finally, we had our final winery inspection yesterday and the paperwork has been signed and sealed. We are expecting the official documentation sometime next week and we will officially be a winery. This means that the grapes we crush this year and make into wine will be available next year. Well, the white wines at least. We will keep the reds for a while. If all goes well, we should be opening between mid-June to mid-July! Now the really hard work begins, making the wine and finishing the tasting room. Here is a picture of our winery not fully set up but almost….

I’ll post some more pictures of the inside later….

Not too bad for a former woodshed!


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