Well, this is certainly exciting news.  We have finally applied for our winery license.  This is a milestone in the process, that is for sure.  We are now into year 5 of our project and we are finally getting our application in.  Hopefully we will have permission to manufacture wine for this upcoming crush.  It is a huge weight off the mind right now.

It has been a busy couple of months though.  We are currently working on converting our woodshed into the winery, we’ve ordered some glass garage doors so they should be coming in a few weeks.  There is always weed-eating, and mowing to be done.  I’m in the process of putting these little pulp sample sheets down around each vine in an attempt to keep down the weeds around the vine.  This is because we don’t want to use Round-up but the convenience of Round-up is very appealing.  Arghh, my back… stump, stump, stump.

In March we did take a quick trip down to Idaho to pick up bull-dozer parts from the craziest parts yard I’ve ever seen.  It was in the middle of the desert and was littered with big machinery with a lopsided trailer that was the office on top of a hill.

We stopped on our way home at a great little winery called Wheat Ridge in the Nook.  It’s a small winery run by a family where the kids are also interested in the whole operation as well.  The dad is the winemaker, the mom is the vineyard manager and tasting room manager, one daughter desighned the website and the other is helping with the wine making and is also going to school for it.  How cool is that.   They have some great reds; a Barbera, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a nice Sangiovese.  The whites, I could live without.

Their website is

The most impressive thing about this winery is that they have the most fabulous location.  You get off the Interstate and drive for about 5 miles up a winding road up from the bottom of the Columbia Gorge to the top of the ridge.  It is wheat fields as far as the eye can see, wheat, sky and giant windmills.  It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in a long time.

Last Sunday, we helped with the Cherry Point Vineyard (in Duncan) Case Club Extravaganza.  We worked the Pinot Gris table.  It is an interesting event where the winery invites the people that have bought a case in the past year to a party where they release the newest wines.  There’s free food, wine and entertainment.  We helped last year as well and it’s a great event.  People always leave happy.  Of course the winery also sells a whole bunch of wine as most people leave with a case or two:)

On the vineyard front we’ve broken bud and despite the cool spring we seem to be well positioned to be able to get something off the foch this year.  The whites I’m not so sure…. They did have a terrible start in year one and haven’t seemed to be able to recover from that.

Well, hopefully we’ll have exciting news in the near future. Ta!


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