“Laser” eye surgery

Well, we’ve gone and taken the plunge.  Last Wednesday both Ben and I had “laser” (a la Dr. Evil) surgery.  You know what they say, couples that have surgery together, stay together.  All in all it’s been pretty good.  Ben had good old Lasik, which is where a flap is cut in the epithelium of the eye and the cornea is then lasered and I had PRK where the epithelium is dissolved and polished off before the cornea is lasered.  I think my procedure was easier but the recovery time medal goes to the Lasik.  Ben is almost 100 % and seeing well while I still have bandage contacts in which come out tomorrow!  yay.  I can’t wait.  My worst day was the second day after surgery,  I was so sensitive to light and generally miserable.  It didn’t hurt, I just couldn’t open my eyes much.  I sat around the house with a hat and dark sunglasses on.  The last few days, today is day 4, and I feel fine.  The contacts still bother me but there is no light sensitivity or pain at all.  I hope that when the contacts come out I’ll see some improvement.  However, this morning when I got up I did notice that I could see pretty darn good but then it went downhill from there.  Oh well, no pain, no gain I guess.  Surgery was a breeze, it is definitely the recovery for PRK.

I know that before I had the surgery I was looking for blogs of experience with this kind of surgery.  I just want to put out where we had the surgery done and the experience we had there.  We had our surgery at the Iris Opthalmology Clinic in Langley, BC.  They were very good.  Very organised and helpful.  We went on the travel package and it was well worth it.  It included hotel, driver and flight.  Ben, our driver picked us up at the airport and took us to the clinic then to the hotel.  He was very friendly and had obviously done this before.  It was a three day trip with a pre-op on Tuesday, surgery on Wednesday and a 24 hour post op on Thursday.  I was rather nervous about the procedure and they were very understanding.  While Ben had his eyes done, I was allowed to watch.   One of the people (Allan) who worked at the clinic came out and basically talked me through the procedure and then another person (Carrie) offered to hold my hand.  It was all very appreciated.  Mona who was my pre-op person was very informative and precise.  Dr. Sutton and Patricia were also very professional.  I am glad that we went to this clinic as they do have a good reputation and I felt as if I was taken care of from beginning to end.

However now we’re home and there is still recovery left so I’m sure that I’ll be posting about this again.


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