Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas…. I love and I hate it. I think I’m done with it though. This last trip was the third and boy am I tired. It was as usual a whirlwind full of too much to drink and shows and a lot of walking. There were many fun moments; meeting Marylin and Elvis in front of the Bellagio, seeing Spamalot (so very good), an interesting wine tower, finding out that there is such a thing as cosmetic gynacology…. Who knew such a branch of medicine existed. As usual Vegas was full of people from everywhere, the National Rodeo Finals were in town and there were cowboys from everywhere, the wedding parties, the stag parties, the celebrities, though sadly I didn’t see anyone. The Spice Girls were apparently in town, as was Beckham and Will Farrell. Celine Dion was a great favorite of my parents and of course all the eating!


Cosmetic gynacology

Your muzzer was a hamster and your fazzer spemlt of elderberries

The Wine Tower a la Mission Impossible  (at Aureole)


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