Cold Winter Days

Well, it looks like winter is coming to Quadra. Let the fun and games begin. We usually get a snowfall warning when there is going to be 5 cm on the ground and all hell breaks loose but we may actually get 25 cm by tomorrow night. It is quite exciting.

On the winery front, we’ve finally gotten started on the winery refit and it is going slowly. We picked up more drywall from the ReStore so once we get back from traveling we can get back to it. The nice thing is that we have our 6 barrels lined up happily where they are eventually going to reside permanently and it is really starting to look like a winery.

I have to say once we found out that we had made THE BOOK I was a bit taken aback but it makes it seem a little more real. We’ll get there eventually.

One last fun thing though. We finally got our Bakers’ Choice wood cookstove. It is a beauty. We spent the majority of the day plumbing in our hotwater tanks that will be connected to the woodstove. Plumbing is there a more fun job, multiple trips to the building supply and all the wrong pieces. Luckily we were able to scrounge a lot of pieces from down at the barn. Why have all that stuff in the barn if you can’t use it.

I’m a bit paranoid about the hotwater tanks because I’ve seen some truly horrific pictures of woodstoves blowing up from steam pressure build up. However, I think we are ok. We are missing 2 vital pieces for the actual stove hook up; a chimney connector piece and a certain firebrick, so we are waiting on them. I can’t wait! Finally showers in our own house:) YAY!

Update:  Well it did snow 35 cm and washed away in 2 days.  Here are some pics of the ephemeral winter wonderland.




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