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Why Drive to Tofino indeed?

As much as I love where we live, there are times that you just need a change of space and location.  For some reason on the Island that place has always been Tofino.  Maybe it’s the waves and all the dynamic motion but we go there at least once a year and always in the off season.  This year we lucked out and I got a super good deal to 2 nights at Cox Bay Beach Resort through #TravelZoo.  We always stay on Cox Bay.  I guess it’s because it’s wide open to the wild blue yonder.   Thus some pictures of our mini trip (2 nights and really 2 days).  It was SUNNY when we got there and there wasn’t enough wind to fly a kite.  Cooked our own dinner one night and had #Tacofino burritos the other night and had lunch at #WolfInTheFog.  Also drank WAAAAAYYYY too much #TofinoBrewery beer.  Yay for the Kelp Stout!







Christmas at SouthEnd

Thanks to all who showed up tonight. It was a wonderful evening. Thanks to all our talented artisans and vendors: James Pottery, LB Sweet Goods, Barb Wager Pottery, Il Borgo Balsamico, Discovery Passage Aquarium and all the materials for making wreaths from Rockview Resources. Special thanks to Yellow Dog Trading for the awesome mulling spices. Anyone interested, we still have everything for making wreaths tomorrow. 11-5. Thanks to Carol Perry and James Downie for helping out and organising too! Especially thanks to Tak Ogasawara and Mitzi Ogasawara for really making it all possible by taking care of the kidlets. Happy holidays!